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Monday, 30 August 2010

Not Another Top 5 List: How to get the right day tour

1. For "visit a local village" READ "endure handicraft hard-sell"
Every tour has one. Promises of deeper cultural understanding give way to this unique sales technique. For every item you see being made by a locals' hand, you'll see 10 more thrust infront of you at a "special" price available only today...

2. Time is money
When the tour operator says it's 8:30 - 5 expect to be collected at closer to 9 and returned by 4

3. Make friends
The icing on any day tour cake is the new friends that you can make. Get in there early with some kind words or risk being paired in your kayak/camel/horse-drawn carriage with that crazy middle-aged American woman who keeps talking about her recent boob reduction

4. Lunch is a lottery bring along something of your own. It will either serve as necessary sustenance or a tasty snack once the day tour is done

5. Shop around
No matter which tour operator you book with you will get exactly the same tour; so go cheap and bargain hard. No-one wants to make a new friend (see #3) and find that they paid less that you

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