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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Not another 'Top 5' list: How to cook authentic Vietnamese

1. Keep it on the down-low
Remember that nothing above knee-height will be of any interest to anyone. Ensure your food is slaughtered, stir-fried and served curb-side in close proximity to a busy street.

2. Pick a speciality and stick with it
Why offer any choice at all? Decide on your dish and do not deviate from it. Everyone's happy.

3. Keep ém guessing
Make sure your menu represents in only the vuagest way what diners will actually receive upon ordering. Especially when this means making incredible dishes sound bland and boring (see Kat's pho en chay)

4. It's oil good
If you cannot see a shiny reflection of yourself in the grease that clings to the plates and lips after finishing a dish; you haven't used enough oil.

5. Make a meal to remember - even half way down the street
Feel free to sneak the hottest of chilis into every dish for the unsuspecting tourist and watch with pleasure as their eyes water at your creative cuisine.

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1 comment:

  1. very funny and probably all very true! Would be very good for me - it you cannot recognise it eat it? or maybe not.....I wonder! very brave of you guys - particularly Rob as he was eating meat, presume you were simply eating vegs (I could do that I am sure of that!)