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About Three Six Five

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From April 2010 Three Six Five will be writing, photographing and posting about every aspect of the year ahead. 

From Delhi to Vegas and the 365 days we have in between; expect a rollercoaster of a read in what will (hopefully) turn into an intermittently informative, irregularly amusing and irrefutably honest portrayal of the trip of a lifetime.

For the most part it's a Kat on words / Rob on pics divide but he's been known to write a post or two and she's been spotted behind the lens on occasions.

All opinions expressed on this site are our own; we won't celebrate or slate something unless we've experienced it first hand. 
Three Six Five won't be selling favourable reviews to any form of organisation or selling space to advertisers  - our site is about an interesting and honest account of what we get up to (that's a polite 'no' to those of you who have or are thinking about giving it a go)

We're always looking for other travellers/bloggers to contribute to our site, and we're happy to return the favour too, so if you're interested please get in touch

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