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With a years worth of questionable content to wade through sometimes it'd be nice to just cut to the chase, right? Right.
We know how it here are the best of bad bunch; 3 of Three Six Five's favourite and most visited posts:

1 - This is when we were interviewed for Indonesian National Television in front of an erupting volcano - the title kind of says it all really

2 - Driving around New Zealand: the RENT vs BUY debate is settled here - essential reading for anyone planning a trip to the land of the long white cloud

3 - Not Another Top 5 List; Things not to say in India - it's probably not completely accurate to say 'from our critically acclaimed series' but this Not Another Top 5... normally gets a knowing smile from well-heeled travellers

Previous Popular-title holders include;  Who said romance was dead? (bringing the phrase 'coming out of both ends' to the most inappropriate location on earth) and The Elephant Whisperer (Rob learns to drive an elephant. No, really)

Go on! Check them out or enjoy them know you want to