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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What we've lost (so far)

1. Kat's bikini – to the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools' changing rooms

2. 1 compass – found broken after being dutifully carried around unused for 8 months (sorry Mac)

3. $300 (USD) - to Vietnamese “officials” in visa fiasco #1

4. 3 Stone in combined weight – thank you India

5. 1 of Kat's flip flops – somewhere in the Mount Cook region

6. Both of Rob's flip flops – at a camp ground outside Wanaka, this may or may not have all been Kat's fault

7. Both of Rob's walking boots – in a similar drive-away-while-footwear-is-outside-the-van incident to his flip flops, but following a 200km recovery round-trip they were returned to their owner

8. 1hr 30mins of our lives – watching The American in a cinema on Gili T

9. Rob's bank card – in Bangkok, this may or may not have been all Kat's fault

10. 1 bread roll (Te Anau) & 2 tomatoes (Franz Josef) – we definitely bought these but mysteriously they never made it to Emilio, or our stomachs

11. Kat's new digital camera – to a monsoon in India (sorry girls)

12. The will to continue on this trip – only momentarily, quickly recovered

13. Our way – multiple times while on motorbikes, everywhere

14. Rob's ipod usb & charger and game boy charger – left on our flight into Christchurch, returned to us 4 days later, thank you Singapore Air!

15. Multiple pairs of knickers & a t-shirt – to a monsoon in Hampi, India – some knickers returned

16. 1 of Kat's rings – to the bottom of a swimming pool at about 2AM in Hoi An

17. The desire to ever return to England – in Koh Tao with a Dive Masters course calling, also recovered...eventually

18. Any reservation we might have had about discussing bowel movements with someone we've known for only 5 minutes – thank you India

19. Rob's ipod cable - again, for good this time though

20. Kat's sarong - I have no idea where this one went, but it's with us no more

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