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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Not Another Top 5 List; The cheapskates guide to campervan-ing around New Zealand

1. Public Toilet Loving (not like George Michael)
New Zealand loves its public toilets and you will come to love your time in them too. Whoever decided a lounge-jazz arrangement of “What the world needs now (is love sweet love)” was a necessary cubical soundtrack; I solute you. Wash yourself here, wash your dishes here, wash away the need to ever pay $40 for a campsite with facilities again

2. Beat the warden
Many DOC sites operate on “honesty envelopes” that allow campers to self-service payment before “early morning” checks by wardens. Leave the site by 6:45AM and never pay a penny (so we hear...)

3. Fashion forward / Cash back
Have you arrived from the blistering heat of the Asian sun completely unprepared for normal cold weather? Go 'op shopping' (2nd-hand clothes shopping) and come away with warming corkers like this for $2

4. Pam is your friend
New Zealand's ode to Asda's Smart Price, the cheapest of the cheap in basic food products comes with a friendly name here. Shall we dine with Pam tonight? Yes please.

5. The 'No Camping' sign
Don't be fooled by what may seem to be a clear statement – this common sign simply means, here's a nice spot to stay for the night if you are happy to maybe (probably not) be woken up and moved on at 4AM [see Wanaka]

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  1. I abused point 2 and I still feel bad about it to this day.

    The warden shared a seat with us on a ferry earlier in the day and offered offered to drive us to camp. Super friendly chap. What did we do? Forget to put our cash in the honesty envelope. Totally not intentional, but I still don't recommend it.

  2. the DOC guys are always really nice aren't they? #2 is definitely only for the cheapest of the cheapskates