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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Day 182: Half way!

Another wonderful thing that happened in Koh Tao that I reckon deserves the prestige (?) of a blogpost is that Team 365 made it half way to the ultimate aim of 365 days away on this incredible trip! So we took a break from diving to surface for a quick cocktail.

It really has been the best six months of our lives and even more excitedly - there's still six more glorious months to come.

So thank you to everyone for sticking with us thus far. Lots of love, 365 xx


  1. congratulations on reaching the half way point!!! Can't believe it has been six months already or only - which ever way you look at it. Certainly missing you but then you are experiencing so much and learning so much about this amazing world - I envy you...sometimes.. most of the time probably but I am so glad you are looking forward to the next six month! so are we - keep the blogs coming. Love.

  2. You guys are such beautiful brilliant people. Reading this blog just makes me dream of all the magical places, I want to pack my bags and travel the world!

    Sending lots and lots of love to you both. Maybe see you in the land of Bears...after the next 6 months : )


  3. Trish says: Missed your half way post - having a little adventure of our own which I shall email you about! Here's to the next 6 months worth of great stories. Trish xxx