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Friday, 13 August 2010

Lomographic Photos: Take One

So just before I departed on this wild adventure some of my nearest and dearest bought me a gift; a 35mm Diana Lomographic Camera. I'd been moaning about the impracticalities of carrying my 120 Fx with me on the trip when nowhere would sell the 120mm film and certainly nowhere would develop it bla bla bla...

Problem solved. Almost. With no time to get used to the new model I managed to (unfortunately) mess up a few films altogether and only get a small number of printable photos. And even less that are post-worthy.

But here goes nothing; scraping the photographic barrel here are two shots that I found vaguely interesting.

This one (r) was taken through the windscreen of a bus in Hampi, India just as some intense monsooning kicked in. I think it kind of looks like an oil painting.

This one (l) is of a gorgeous little statue that sat in front of a rather dilapidated fountain at a park in Bangalore. The black panel on the right is a by-product of my inaccurate winding-on, but I like how it sits against the blues and creamy textures of the figures anyway.

Massive apologies for the quality of these images; getting real film developed hasn't (thus far) allowed for the luxury of digital versions so these are photos-of-photos - I'm hoping to rectify this next time too.

1 comment:

  1. you've managed some very atmospheric photos this time - especially those in the mist! And I really like the scenery shots and the shots of the vegetation. I am sure you'll find good use for your little Diana - practice makes perfect girl! Our photos will be downloaded and no doubt sophie will do something with it -I might try facebook myself with mine (sophie being very protective about hers which she says are all aweful! - that is photos in which she features not ones she took!) Love you lots keep the blogs coiming - loving them and as always as much details as possible please.....mum