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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Day 62: Fame!

Have we learned how to live forever? Have we learned how to fly - high? ...will anybody even remember our names?

Truthfully: no. But that is not to say that in the last three days Team 365 have featured in no less than two more Bollywood hits.

That's right folks: we're basically famous.

On Monday we secured the lucrative positions of "background scientists" on blockbuster-budget film Robo. No white coats here though - we were only bringing our dulcet English tones to the dubbing desk i.e. we wandered a "conference hall" around feigning interest in a humanoid robot and then, you know, spending some time in the studio laying down some lyrics*

But today - today - ooh let me tell you, we got stuck in with all sorts of stardom! I answered phones, arranged meetings with 'the boss' and lay on a sunlounger next to one of the 'Nadu's biggest stars. Rob kept his Bollywood speaking part at an impressive 100% swearing statistic as he typed numbers into a laptop, paused and swore in faux frustration (x2)

I do not wish to exaggerate our importance in the film (whose name we, very upsettingly cannot pronounce and therefore remember) BUT we owned those scenes; take a look at the photos, you'll see close-ups galore and a man whose job it was to maintain my "wet look". That is to say after insisting I change into shorter shorts; someone was enlisted to pour water over me between takes.

So. There you have it. We can leave India safe in the knowledge that Bollywood wants us in the foreground, the background and even just our voices.

See you at Oscars darling, yes sweetie, fabulous, fabulous, mwah!

three stardom five

*lyrics AKA background noise...why get tied down in accuracies?


  1. Trish says

    Can't believe you actually have films named after you now Rob! Fame indeed. Must help to balance the books for your time in India too. xx

  2. deryck and els24 June 2010 at 17:49

    fame indeed! can't believe you can't remember the name of the film!!! (how am I ever going to get hold of it?) But Robo is on the list of future indian film purchases together with what was it again last time?? So glad you're having such a ridiculously great time - wish I was there (oh no actally I would probably spoil it all for you) ...loving the blog and the photos but as always need more details!!!! love you