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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Day 68: Talkin bout a revolution

After making our fame and fortune we retreated down the coast to the nearest slice of La Francais that we could find. Of course in our case we were still in Tamil Nadu, the heat was unbearable and there were considerably more men in dhoti (think: table cloth round the waist) than berets.

We had made it to Ponicherry and, we are sorry to report, that it was not très French.

That said; we were lucky enough to arrive just in time for a openair concert by Sam Smala (big time french gypsie jazz 5-piece) which was great and concluded in a call to dance. A call that was met by what is the correct collective noun here..? a horde? a wrap? a bandana of french hippies, yes; a bandana of french hippies that emerged from the night and funked out the rest of the set.

We also visited Auroville, a universal township founded by a lady known only as "the mother" built for the progress of humanity towards its splendid future by bringing together people of goodwill and aspiration for a better world.
In reality it's a nice town built around The Matrimandir, a giant gold golf ball - I'm sorry - "a symbol of the Divine's answer to man's inspiration for perfection."
It's not exactly flying the flag for successful communism but, still, I wouldn't invite Chairman Jintao around for a guided tour.


  1. wondered what this golfball was all about from the photos - so that's what it is...mmmm indeed.need to ask you about the alligator with the bit of his mouth missing - don't tell me it's a particular kind of alligator - what does it catch? Or has it been in a fight. Glad you did not get too close - don't like them at all. Weather here is lovely - very hot and sticky, particularly at night (not like your temperatures - a mere 27C!!) And welcome to the orange army Rob - you'll be changing over again soon I guess - after the Brazil match? Would like them to win but it will be a miracle!!! Have fun in these places where you should not be with just 1 coke in 90mins of foottie! God Bless You and we're looking for the Paddie!

  2. three kat five3 July 2010 at 10:38

    ha! yes...crocodile bank that was, lots of crocs - as far as we could tell the one with the massive underbite was actually designed that way...cruel, cruel mother nature...
    othewise - with the benefit of time delays, it seem the oranje miracle has happened! because no-one in India is interested in the football (even the words 'football' 'fifa' 'world cup' are met with blank stares) we ended up watching the match in the 'conference room' of a swanky hotel - just us two at the end of two long tables with a tv - was magic!
    BUT our flight to Vietnam is on tuesday evening so Trivandrum airport better come good and be showing the next match!

  3. seems very cruel of nature and obviously there can't be that many as I have never een them before - perhaps they don't eat humans!!! Anyway I am glad you managed to see the match - even if it was a conference conditions (nice and cook I expect) bit of a miracle what with the 'own' goal and the sending off but they won
    and that's the bit that counts. Apparently the dutch players were very keen to finish the match but the rev was having none of it. The girls told me van Bommel should have been booked at least 10 times but wasn't. I did not see it, just heard the last 10mins on the radio!!! I was on a mission - seeing Andrea for her Bday. Jane G is visiting tday and I will have another crawl in the attic over the weekend - should be able to find paddie and found someone with a scanner to send it on...should hopefully be in your email in box by Tuesday/Wednesday or at least a message about it. Love you - enjoy the match and the flight!!!!

  4. Are you sure that isn't the indian version of Epcot?