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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Day 52-59: Smells like team spirit

Though our time spent at BLESS Nursey and Primary School (as above) was the focus of our time spent in Tamil Nadu, we were delighted to be staying in the peaceful Saccidananda Ashram. Here we were able to dip our toes into a way of life so totally different to that which either of us had experienced before.

Around our school time table we attended prayers each morning, afternoon and evening before (delicious, simply amazing) meals. We even had the privilidge of speaking with Brother Martin, a focused yet serene man, about the Ashram's Hindu-tradition-meets-Christian-faith practices and religion and spirituality in a wider context.

Did we experience a religious epiphany? Have we sold all of our worldly goods? and is Rob now sporting a monks tonsure haircut? The short answer is no.

But have our eyes been opened to a new perspective and a direction down which we'll be exploring within ourselves in the coming months? We hope so, yes.

Now we are back in the hustle and bustle of India's east coast writing from the sweltering heat of Mamallapuram. We're happy to be on the road again with lessons learned and questions still to answer, ready to continue this incredible adventure.

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  1. where are you heading next??? cannot believe you have only been away 2 months - seems like a lif have certainly experienced a half a life time in 2 months.... god bless and learn and expeience as much as you can it will change your lives