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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Day 47&48: The boat that rocked

"All aboard!" was the captain's call
And on the Ushas stood one and all
We were ready to depart
From the dock and into the heart

Of Kerala's back waters - but it wasn't easy
To negotiate our trip with 'agents'; dishonest and sleazy
But a deal had been made and we meandered out
To see what the fuss was all about

The river network there was vast, some narrow and winding
Some busy and wide, as we were finding
Along the banks, life went on as normal
Kids went to school in uniforms so cute and formal

Menfolk fished, to catch what they could
And animals grazed while palm trees stood
And swayed in the breeze, calm as if sleeping
Until the monsoon came and they seemed to be weeping

On the upper deck we passed the day
Travelling in the most relaxing way
Drinks were prepared and delicious food served
We felt like stars; much more than we deserved

After dinner, a glorious sunset
We toasted, with beers, to the great friends we'd met
It was over to soon though, all did agreee
And by early next morning; back to reality

Such "once in a life time" events, we're happy to say
Seem to be coming thick and fast, our way
But we treasure each one, and thank you for reading
Because who knows which way our next adventure is leading?


  1. Trish says

    Is there no end to your writing talents? Loved the poem, can't wait to see the pics. xxx

  2. Beautiful! Just beautiful!xxx

  3. three kat five11 June 2010 at 06:18

    If tenuous rhymes are your thing, trish, no there is no end! plently more where they came from! :)

  4. Hello all...
    If you wanted to see some photos from the backwaters they're all here:


  5. great photos rob well done!