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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Day 42: Ootalicious

Ooh la la! Well, didn't one of India most picturesque hill stations treat us well?

It did indeed - after a terrifying ride, think 39 hairpin bends to get us over 3,000 meters above sea level (we did see a mother and baby elephant though...) in the Nilgiri hills, we arrived in lovely - cool - Ooty.

Here I discovered just how much I appreciate bizare artistic creations when they are taken very seriously by their creator. For example; the Thread Garden, which it's own signs profess it to be 'a world wonder' was, in reality, about 15 meters of "garden"; "plants" made only by hand, wound thread, strictly no needle, strictly no paint. The view of which was only obscured by the owner and mastermind of this, which had taken 12 years and 50 artists to produce, who insisted on repeating the above whenever possible.

We also visited Ooty's ode to Madame Tussauds; and therein lay a collection that opened with Gandi, included obscure Indian military personnel, Mother Terrasa, Jesus and ended with a wax-work life size demonstration of why not to drink and drive a scooter. Pictures available via the Photobucket link (below)

It seemed apt therefore to leave Oooty on the very kitch-sounding Minature Railway. One of the main tourist attractions in Ooty (I if thread flowers and wax road accidnts weren't enough!) the short journey out did behold us some breath-taking views into the simmering heat of Kerala below.

Off went the jumpers, on came the relentless sweating; we were back in India-proper - but this time we'd met the Monsoon.

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