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Monday, 12 April 2010

Day -3: Routes Manuva

Hello all,

Thank you to everyone who was able to come along to team365's leaving soirée on Saturday. I hope you had a really great evening. We certainly did and it meant a lot to be able to see you all for one last time before departure day.

I was talking to some on Saturday who wanted to know the where, when, how and why's of the trip. Either that or they just felt obliged to engage in some polite chit-chat with the hosts before hitting the bar. We can't tell you everything about it just yet as there's a lot more we don't know than do know, but I thought I'd share one of the few things we have organised and the countries team365 will be calling home - or "home". I've also said roughly when each country will be providing the stories, photographs and experiences that will inspire, among many other things, this blog.

1) India: 15th April - 15th June. We fly into Delhi and out of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Got that word on the first attempt. Yes, I did spend time learning it after we booked our flights. Yes, be slightly concerned.

2) Vietnam: 15th June - 15th July. We arrive in Hanoi and will make our way South through the country. It'll probably involve motorbikes.

3) Cambodia: 15th July - 15th August. Head north through jungles towards...

4) Laos: 15th August - 15th September. We'll be here for about a month too before crossing the boarder into north Thailand.

5) Thailand: 15th September - 1st November. The route-line scrawled onto our map acts like those financial graphs the news thrusts upon you and plummets once more as we head south through Thailand.

6) Malaysia: 1st November - 1st December. From Thailand we keep heading south until we leave main-land Asia.

7) Indonesia: 1st December - 5th January. Spend Christmas and New Year time here, maybe even on a beach.

8) New Zealand: 5th January - 15th February. We actually fly from Singapore to Christchurch, so we'll have to back-track slightly from Indonesia to do this flight. It's not booked, but It'll work out fine, I'm sure...

9) Fiji: 15th February - 1st March. We fly out of Auckland for beaches, palm trees, hammocks etc...

10) Cook Islands: 1st March - 15th March. More of the same in a destination we were told we could 'have for free' when arranging our flights. Even better than the Metro.

11) USA: 15th March - 15th April. Big party times on the West Coast. We fly into LA and out of Vegas, but will take our time getting from one place to the other.

And then home. Nothing is set in stone and is all subject to change, but this is the rough idea. Years of planning have almost entirely been condensed into this short list. Nice. Of course if anyone has any stories, recommendations, warnings, tips, myths, interesting conversation pieces about any of the places on here, we'd be very grateful to hear it.

Now where did I put my passport...

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  1. even if you don't stick to this it is really good to have some idea as to where you might be in the world before you go!!! Enjoy India and the ridiculously long and unpronounceable place name and yes, I am worried!!! els