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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Day -0: Oh my god I can't believe it, I've never been this far away from home

...well, almost.

Ironically enough, as Ricky Wilson sang about "drifting around like a plate tectonic" it is indeed tectonic activity that seems likely to keep team365 well and truly close to home.

We're keeping our eyes peeled and our fingers crossed but at present ash from the second eruption in Reykjavik, last seen heading towards our green and pleasant lands, seems to be stopping play.

On the up-side, if our flight is delayed I will be making it my personal goal to appear as a pale and disgruntled customer on as many rolling-news stations as possible. Just imagine, 15 seconds of fame just before 15 hours of delay, that's fair compensation, right?
To my mind, yes, so watch out for us on the BBC! where did I put that three six five t-shirt...?


  1. Good luck guys! Hope you get away soon, or else it's gonna be a pain changing all the stuff to "Team Three Six Four", and it just doesn't sound as good.


  2. indeed! well at least it looks like we'll be perfectly placed in the costa del chesham to conduct such a branding overhaul...

    we're waiting on the word from the NATS but at the moment it looks like we'll be here til Sunday

    venue suggestions for the 'you never left' party this saturday warmly welcomed...