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Monday, 5 April 2010

Day -10: These boots were made for walking

Well as the day of departure looms ever nearer, members of team365 can be found in various guises of preparation.

One has dutifully attended the appropriate outdoorsy shops in the Bucks area and equipped himself with the requisite anti-mosquito and safety-enhancing devises (nets, sprays, ancient chants to be mumbled two strokes before the dawning of each new day while facing south and balancing in an improbable position.)
The other, last seen "wearing in" some visually offensive walking boots (with a high waisted skirt and turquoise tights, if you're asking) in the vicinity of Leicester Square, has only recently breathed a sigh of relief since posting the teams' passports to an address in Hayes.

They have since been returned with a shiney new Indian Visa in each and so, it seems, the trip can continue as planned!

A belated happy easter to all!

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