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Friday, 16 April 2010

Day -0.1: The show must go on

Well after much ado and a number of PR-strings being pulled with the family Branson (luckily it seems Kat's brief career as a round-the-world-balloon-puncture-repair-assistant wasn't to go completely to waste) here we are!

Iceland? What volcano? No 20,000 meters of molten rock, glass-like shards of ice and toxic ash was going to stop Team 365 on this trip.

We have, as you can see, been enjoying basking in the awe of the magnificent Taj Mahal in beautiful Agra.

Having been there, it really is difficult to describe in words the sheer scale and spiritual significance of this sacred structure. Rudyard Kipling once described it as 'the embodiment of all things pure' - and Team 365 couldn't agree more.

But hey ho! The show must go on, and with India done and metaphorically dusted we're heading east as planned to white beaches, blue seas and a clear Thai sky.

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  1. Having some difficulty posting a comment but that's probably because you're too far away. I am Chesham is miles!!! and we're blaming the vulcanic ash! It's good to know you're putting cheerful faces on it and in some way I look forward to tomorro's blog!!! Not too far away I hope - I quite like keeping you guys nearish... Thailand is nice but so overrated!! love