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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Day 221: Hello Indonesia / Goodbye Jakarta

Not many complimentary things have been written about Jakarta and, though I do not wish to begin our Indo-blogs on a low note, this blog post is not going to change that.

Determined though I was to visit Jakarta and file it under Vientiane in the list of 'Places with a bad rep for no apparent reason' it has to be said; the place is, as reported, dirty, polluted and over-crowded. Not that I have anything in particular against places with which these adjectives could be used; India is currently sitting pretty at the top of my list of 'Favourite places we've been so far'. Maybe it was coming from the super-shiney Singapore that made it seem that little bit worse.

Now, enough of this negativity. Must say something complimentary...hmm...I will say that the food around the Jalan Jaksa area, where we were staying, was cheap and delicious. Furthermore - another plus point for the city nick-named the 'Big Durian' - the Busway system does make travelling from one filthy part of this shithole to another both quick(er) and easy.

1 night here is more than enough...let's get outta here.


  1. Trish says

    Oh no - first negative blog I think? xxx

  2. gutted that Jakarta lived up to his reputation- again - sincerely hoping that other places in Indonesia will turn out much better and glad the food was good!!!! keep blogging

  3. yes be fair, if that's the first one in 7 months that's not too bad, is it?
    and it's okay now (see new blog post) we're loving indo again :)