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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Southern Swing; by Kat's Mum

This is the exact and unmodified version of an email my Ma sent to me after seeing the photos (right) but before we'd got round to the post below. It's amazing.
Please read-and-view along with the tells the story of our trip much better than I ever could.

"Kat en Rob - I love the photos!!! The waterfalls are spectacular. eeing Rob on the rock I am thinking, don't jump in
next photo - oh good he's not jumping in - where is he going
next photos - don't tell me he's going to jump into tht from there
oh no, what he's going under the waterfal - ok, what ill tyhat look like
Oh my word he has jumped in
what they're all swimming in it - isn't that a bit stricky, does not the ater go a bit fast
ok they're alright. My goodness is that mud, it is, is that rain, it is, dear me that's heavy....
So the water is obviusly expected to reach these levels, all the houses are on stilts. Good
and what a muddy waterfall now...............glad you saw it cleartish as well...

paddy field I presume and good picture of Rob going off again, where is he going? no-where....?
very good pictures but what are those two of buildings? Looks a bit like a prison....

groetjes..... mum"

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  1. Kat je hebt geen ok gevraagd van mij voor je dat vol met fouten getypte email doorgaf aan de hele wereld! Waarom denk je dat ik het per email heb gedaan??? (grapje - ik vindt het niet erg hoor!!!) Meer emails volgende week na Dad's verjaardag. PS Tjalling is vandaag jarig!
    Hou ontzettend veel van jullie, wees alsjeblieft voorzichtig. Ma