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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day 123 - 128: Sabaydee!

Sabaydee! - or hello! from Laos. So relaxed have we been since entering our fourth country on this trip - that it has taken 5 days to get round to this post, and I get the feeling there is plenty more chilling to come...

Our first stop in Laos was in Don Det - a pretty little island in the Mekong River that makes up just a tiny part of Si Phon Don or Four Thousand Islands. Aside from the occasional walk around the island, or over the bridge to the neighbouring island, it's safe to say that our first four days in Laos were spent sitting, eating, lying in our river-side hostel's hammocks and reading. It was bliss.
We made some lovely new friends and even found a bakery that sold cinnamon and banana doughnuts and cinnamon whirls buns that were to die for. Not overtly Laos, I'll give you that - but delicious all the same.
We've got stuck in with the local cuisine also and I am (perhaps prematurely) predicting an absolute stormer of a Food for Thought for Laos; coconut curry with vegetable? Finally! An Asian country with an appreciation for the humble potato! Hurray!

Today I am writing from a rather rainy Champasak, where we have visited the Wat Phu Champasak (think: beautiful ruins smaller than Angkor Wat but bigger than My Son) and, in the spirit of Laos, taken everything in a very, very, relaxed manner. [pics to follow when broadband speed catches up with us]

Tomorrow we head further upstream to Pakse where Team 365 will be joining forces with our good friend, Jeff, and together we will aim to bring you a wide and varied look at Laos.

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  1. brilliant - good to know you're in Laos - enjoy meeting up with Jeff and havea great time.
    Love you