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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day 76: The end has no end

As our time in India draws to a close and we prepare ourselves to depart for Vietnam, we've been watching the rain fall on the lush greenery of Verkala and thinking of everything that's been.

We've been up mountains (boulder-strewn or otherwise), strolled along beaches, bustled through markets, sailed on rivers and swam in no less than three oceans.

We've learned, laughed and loved (almost) every minute. Would we come back? Yes - but probably only to explore the mountainous north of India, which we did not do on this trip. Should you go? Yes - but only if you are happy to endure long and hot bus and train journeys, attract a lot of attention wherever you go, and often be over-charged just because of the colour of your skin.
Tourists here are seen as walking wads of cash, and for the for the most part it is true, we can afford to pay more than locals. The visible Indian/tourist can be frustrating; the Taj Mahal entry fee is 20 rupees for Indians and 750 rupees for tourists, still only just over a tenner.

The aggressive touting and tacky merchandising of the booming tourist industry can often seem to stop westerners, like us, from really immersing ourselves in the real India. Especially with each state adhering to it's own cultures, tradition and language(s); a two month trip isn't really enough to scratch the surface.
On the occassions that we have made it past the facade, we have found poverty, honesty and hopefulness in equal measure. These glimpses of India are times we have treasured.

We've met some inspiring people, enjoyed some of the warmest hospitality and certainly had our eyes opened to a way of life that is as diverse as it is colourful and enthralling.
Thank you for sharing them with us here.


  1. no thank you for sharing them with us!!!

  2. Trish says

    Great conclusion to India - roll on the next chapter. Hope to make contact on Skype again soon. Trishxxxx

  3. Awesome stuff guys, so inspiring. Good luck with the next leg of the trip, I know you'll keep having amazing times!

    Tim x

  4. Ahh what a lovely end to the first part of your trip, the India chapter. That picture of your much-used India lonely planet book seems wonderfully fitting. xxx Sarah

  5. three kat five6 July 2010 at 10:26

    thanks for all your comments everyone - we're so excited to be leaving for vietnam this evening and we'll do our best to tell you all about it when we get there.
    thanks for reading, my wanna-be-journalistic-ego aside, it's really special to know that you are following our journey from home.
    much love xx

  6. as id we could anything else.....we'd rather be there but.....