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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day 23: Frankie goes to Hollywood

And we hope that Frankie had a lovely time, but we were in India - and we were going to Bollywood, baby.

In the first bit of paid work that Team 365 had done in a month: we'd secured ourselves the illustrious position of EXTRA on a Bollywood movie set.

That's right. And Golmaal, which will no double go straight to DVD in that cornershop down the road that you didn't realise even did DVD's may well contain the fleeting image of your favourite travelling twosome.

In reality the day was spent lazing on a private beach with some friends we'd made and had introduced us to the right Russian lady that was in a position to give such employment. We were served breakfast and lunch and then, just as the sun was setting and our hopes of stardom fading our extra skills were called upon! And so we walked up and down a faux road infront of a faux house while the stars sped past on scooters for about half a hour while camers rolled and a stuntman explained to us that he'd been in Slumdog Millionairre too.

And there it was: a hard days work and two crisp 500 Rupee notes each later, delirious with excitement, we toasted to our success and planned our onward journey.


  1. Trish said

    Money, money, money, it's a rich man's world!!! Just starting to get mildly concerned that you seemed to have dropped off planet Earth, so great to hear that all's well. Trish & Mac xxx

  2. great to hear you are actually doing some workamongst all the lying on the beach. Wed have been off line for a couple of days and off the phone as well so had not notivced you'd been off line as well - good to have heard from you and delighted to be reading your blog and catching up. Love els

  3. If 'Gomaal' is anywhere near as good as Bride and Bollywood i cant wait to see it xxx sarah