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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day 345-347: Ya'll wanna get legal? some more from LA...

Honestly I don't really know where to begin with this post; this past week has passed at a frenetic pace. Fast certainly in comparison with the laid-back lifestyle of the Pacific-islanders but, I get the feeling, not to the locals here. I mentioned in my last post that we are staying with one of my best friends, Natalie, and she has been an endless source of entertainment options. There's always options. “Guys” she'll say “tonight we have options” and then she'll reel off more things than could be done in a week that have come via invitations from more people we could possible hope to meet, maybe ever.

She has also gifted us the use of her car – not just any car of course, darlings, a convertible and so while she's been at work in the day we've been able to try and tick a few things off the ever-growing to-do list.

Our first excursion was to Venice beach, a beautiful strip of white sand that plays host to a busy boulevard and a whole host of outdoor sports facilities. There are basketball courts where guys in vests play to an audience of pouting girls and passers-by, an awesome skate park, crazy mini tennis courts where players use over-sized ping-pong bats (really need to find out the proper name for this sport) and a gym with the obligatory massive guy with arms equivalent to tree trunks.

There are street performers, street artists and lots of 'doctors'. As I'm sure you're all aware California has recently legalised the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes...and subsequently there are many men in green scrubs with infamous leaf motifs that wander the streets offering “walk-in appointments”. You won't go far before somebody will ask you if “ya'll want to get legal?” - so much more fun than a stroll past the Stables Market in Camden.

And so very different from our next must-see destination; Hollywood Boulevard. Yes! After much driving around in circles desperately trying to find a parking space we got to wander down the street that is lined with stars. And really there are so many more stars than you may imagine. In fact when we first pulled into Hollywood Boulevard we thought we'd read the sign wrong because it looks just like a normal suburban is just around the famous Chinese Theatre that all the big names have their stars.

It's really funny to see everyone wandering down the street (sorry, sidewalk) looking at their feet, spinning 180 degrees every now and again to read the names on the stars that are facing the other way. But apart from star-spotting and the learning of important facts like Jack Nicolson has really small hands, there's really not that much on this famous road.

But that didn't mean we were out of options.

That evening Natalie has managed to bag us free tickets to see a screening of the new Foo Fighters documentary Back and Forth which was really really good and ended with a 3D performance of their new album. I would definitely recommend anyone who is a fan of the band, and even those who aren't really, to watch this documentary – it is funny and charming and seeing a band play in 3D from the comfort of a seat in a cinema is definitely an experience.

That evening it was back to Hollywood for a few drinks with some friends in a beautiful bar...and it was only Wednesday! There's more, much more to write about LA but in a bid to avoid overwhelming (boring?) you with any more in this post I'll leave it at that and write again soon.

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  1. never boring - never bore of reading it but cannot wait to hear things 1st mouth - only 10days!!!! hoorah !!!!