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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Day 296: The eyes have it

Firstly thank you for joining me in this hour of need. I need to buy new glasses but I can't decide which ones to buy...

The reason for this sudden frame-upgrade is simple; at least for a short time I am not allowed to wear contact lenses (doctor's orders) and if I must wear glasses (and I must) then it's time to replace the old frames I've been wearing for the last 4 years – and I need your help deciding which frames to buy!

Full break-down of the afore-mentioned doctors orders at the end of this post – but if you're just here for the fun stuff then here are your 5 choices. Please place your vote in the Poll Box on the right > > > >

Voting will be open for 2 days and then I'll place my order and let you know which one was the winner...all votes and comments gratefully received, this is a big decision and being at least partially able to blame the blogsphere for a bad decision is important to me :)

<<< 1) Geek Chic

2) Euro Chic >>>

<<< 3) Mother-of-two Chic

4) Hipster Chic >>>

<<< 5) Free-on-the-NHS chic

Right, doctor's orders. Well, in short, my left eye had been giving

me some grief over the past week or so (itching and redness that eventually gave way to full on pain) and so in Nelson I went to an optometrist, who quickly referred me to the hospital, where I spent most of Saturday either in the waiting room or with bright lights being shone into my eye – and I'm so so glad that I did.

My left eye has what is medically known as Keratitis – small markings or infultrates on my Cornea which are relatively common in contact-lens wearers, can be tricky to totally get rid of and that, left untreated, can result in permanently blurred vision. Which is the scary bit.

Anyway, after all the necessary checks I am now in possession of Ciproflaxacin (“the strong stuff – they don't usually prescribe this”) that I'm dropping into my eye every 2 hours for 2 days and then 4 times a day hence forth until I get rid of the little buggers. I need to get my eye checked again in 5 days or so and I cannot wear contact lenses for at least 2 weeks and until I get the “all clear” from a optomotrist and even then, greatly reducing my contact lens wearing is strongly advised to stop any resurgence.

So there we are; nothing fatal but something pretty serious...and a good excuse to buy some exciting new frames.

Thanks for your votes :)


  1. Geek or Euro in my opinion. X

  2. 1,4,3,2, that order :)

    Love Jenny

  3. NUMBER 1, without a shadow of doubt! xxxxxx

  4. Hipster! (mother of two look like mine.... worryingly) x Sarah

  5. Trish says

    Hipster, followed by mother-of-two chic.

    Sorry you've had this spot of bother Kat - hope it's not affecting good times too much.

    Trish xx

  6. mother of two - followed by geek then hipsters! glad that you are making light of it - I was worried about it! Do you have to buy new glasses right now sounds like it might be expensive or is your prescription different as well?don't let it affect the time you're to rob and emily too

  7. thank you all - decision time is almost upon us...

    to mums - no, it hasn't been infringing on funtimes...a few lousy hours lost to medical attention and a few great hours spent making silly photos in opticians kind of evens it out, i guess? my prescription hasn't changed that much and hopefully i'll be able to claim much of this on our travel insurance...the hospital visit ($250) is definitely covered but i'll be lodging a claim for everything else...something to look forward to when i get home! :)