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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Day 100: A hundred days in Asia

We're in triple figures! We've hit the century-mark and we're VERY excited!

To mark the occasion - and because we had to get some more passport photos done for the impending Cambodia boarder crossing (we're making sure nothing can go wrong this time) - here for your viewing pleasure is the effect that 100 days has had on us:


A hundred kisses to all xx


  1. Good thing you send me those pictures might have had trouble recognising you too!!! (joke) but you're right you're not looking the same and probably not feeling the same either, richer for the experience though. Love you

  2. This is crazy!!! Hope you guys are doing alright, looks like your in need of a good bit of rice and a pea. hurry up and get back already! Manfredo x

  3. Trish says:

    Might be 100 days but no harm done - you both look great!


  4. jullie zien er goed uit op de laatste foto's. Kat en Rob wij genieten van jullie verhalen !!speciaal als je ze vertaalt in het nederlands .
    liefs XXXXXX jan en gerda